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Sydgen Enhance progeny a highlight at Absolute Angus’s debut autumn sale

March 15, 2021

Debuting this autumn is Absolute Angus’s first autumn bull sale set to showcase the success of the stud’s breeding program.  “It’s an exciting time to showcase our bulls in such a positive way” said Anthony Pisa, stud principal.

Going under the hammer at the Trafalgar South property on Wednesday 7 April are about 45, 18-month-old bulls by using genetics from some of the best sires in the industry; Sydgen Enhance, Baldridge Command, LD Capitalist and Ardrossan Edmund K1651.

Stud principal Anthony Pisa said the top season meant the cattle are looking great.  “The autumn bull sale will showcase the genetics I’ve been focussing on.  All the sale bulls are from a group of carefully selected cow bloodlines I’ve purchased over the years from Te Mania, Landfall, Kennys Creek & Wattletop Angus studs.”

A highlight of the sale are 18 young bulls sired by standout AI sire, Sydgen Enhance.  This sire is renowned for both phenotype and performance with outstanding birth to growth spread, great calving ease, docility, carcase and great set in the hind legs with excellent feet.

Mr Pisa’s breeding program concentrates on phenotype, doability and longevity. “The autumn sale bulls are tough in any environment,” he said. “My breeding program is second to none, using top sires from overseas and locally, but my bulls don’t get anything special done to them. They’re not pampered; when they leave this property, they keep on getting stronger and they are easy to look after.”

“The cattle are genetically well put together and combine that with a good season this is definitely our best offering,” Mr Pisa said. “There is something to offer for everyone, with bulls across the sale having the right attributes that farmers are looking for.

The sale also meets strong market demand for bulls. “Commercial buyers are looking for strong growth, low birth-weight bulls and meat quality with a focus on traits and how they adapt to being grass fed and grain fed,” Mr Pisa said.

This is the first time Absolute Angus has offered Sydgen Enhance and Baldridge Command progeny, which Mr Pisa described as standouts. “People will be impressed with those bulls,” he added.

The stud’s 2021 autumn bull sale will be held on-property and online from 1pm on April 7 at 292 Trafalgar South Road, Trafalgar South.


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