Breeding Philosophy

At Absolute Angus, our goal is to produce top performing, well bred, functional cattle with natural doing ability & high fertility rates.

Since 2008, Absolute Angus has been breeding and selecting high performance Angus cattle that deliver multi trait superiority and breed consistently well in a wide range of environments and climates.

Absolute Angus believe great cattle start from the ground up and have always been critical in selecting the best genetics that deliver good feet, fleshing ability, structure and overall phenotype.

Genetics used at Absolute Angus are chosen from highly regarded, successful and prominent Angus studs in the purebred and commercial sectors of the industry both in Australia and USA.

With the ongoing challenges facing the beef industry, Absolute Angus focuses on producing a superior product that improves their clients’ profitability and development of their customers herd genetics across a variety of market conditions.

Anthony’s passion for cattle began at an early age delivering his first calf. From this experience Anthony’s ongoing observations and analysis of calf development over time afforded him the knowledge to now consistently join high quality sires and dams through his stud’s breeding program producing excellent cattle and results at market.

“I have also had best advice in the business. Starting with David Plant whose invaluable advice moved me in the right direction with my breeding programs in selecting which bulls to use over which cows to produce the result I was looking for.”

“My future genetics coming up next year and beyond are of the elite of elite. Utilising sires like Ardrossan Aquator, Te Mania Emperor, Lt Capitalist, Gdar Regulator, Enhance and Baldrige Command will see some outstanding bulls produced from these sires”.

“Raising Angus cattle isn’t just a lifestyle but rather a business allowing those of us to live a life they are passionate about. Here at Absolute Angus, we strive to raise quality, sound, no-nonsense breeding stock using a common-sense approach”.

Absolute Angus has been blessed to source semen and embryos worldwide from elite Angus bulls but hard-working bulls and females for commercial beef production is the mainstay of the Absolute Angus operation