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We focus on breeding genetically well put together bulls that are built tough and will stand up in any environment.

By using the best industry sires available from overseas and locally ensures we deliver genetic excellence with the right attributes our commercial clients are looking for; strong growth, low birth-weight bulls with meat quality, desired traits and adaptability to both grass and grain fed markets.

New Ground N90

A SIRE of SIRES - New Ground N90 is a VAR  Discovery son with what we believe to be the best maternal pedigree in the Angus breed, featuring a who’s who of Angus sires; Reality, Emperor, Infinity, Reagan, 036, Scotchcap, M032, New Design 036 & Dunoon Reagan.  A truly sort after pedigree.


From the renowned sire Landfall Keystone K132, this bull follows in his sires footsteps impressing across a wide range of traits.  Prominent ranks highly for BWT, 200WT, 400WT, 600WT, SC, Scan(EMA,Rib,Rump,IMF), DOC and Genomics.   Looking forward to seeing the positive impact this sire has on our stud herd.

Leonardo P145

A standout in the breed for milk, IMF, and Rib and Rumb traits. Leonardo P145 presents with a well balanced set of performance data. He is a bull that will standup well in harsh conditions.


An exceptional addition to our stud sire team who adds even more depth to our genetic pool.   A son of TE MANIA KIRBY K138, Prime ranks in the top 1% of the breed for rib & rump fat, and IMF +5.9.  He also sits in the Top 1% for the Angus Breeding Index.


Moderate framed with extreme power, thickness and dimension True power sire that still offers reasonable calving ease with outstanding performance and maternal value. Progeny proven, top 3% feed efficiency sire with excellent growth and top 4% genetics for reduced Feed Intake.


An absolute structural and phenotype standout of the 2017 January & June tours. Deep, wide-based, strong topped, big muscle are all words that describe 316. Inspection of yearlings showed that 316 stamps his progeny, attractive, thick, deep flanked.


Top selling bull of GDAR 2014 sale; Regulator impressed with his birth weight to performance spread As a mature bull he expresses a super sound structure and magnificent phenotype Bull is breeding a little more frame and a bit more early performance than his actual data suggests.


Arguably the most complete young bull to sell anywhere in the 2016 sale season. Impeccable ABS calving ease and maternal tabulation with COMPLEMENT, HOOVER DAM and STYLES. UPGRADE up close in his pedigree.


Moderate framed, thick topped curve bender with a stout, soft look and carcass appeal. Super calving ease to growth/weight spread with outstanding docility. Solid Sire Alliance maternal proof that also ranks in the top 20% for Feed Efficiency.


The definition of multi-trait superiority ranking #1 on the Main Sire list for $Combination and #2 for $Beef. He’s no low accuracy wannabe having already achieved Rock Solid accuracy levels backed by over 1,000 progeny performance and genomic records