Our Reference Sires

New Ground N90

  • A V A R  Discovery son with what we believe to be the best maternal pedigree in the Angus breed, featuring a who’s who of Angus sires; Reality, Emperor, Infinity, Reagan, 036, Scotchcap, M032, New Design 036 and Dunoon Reagan.  A truly sort after pedigree.
  • Possibly the best son of Discovery with positive fat, big scrotal, sound structure, great milk, IMF, carcase and birth weight traits. New Ground N90 ticks all the boxes.

Leonardo P145

  • A standout in the breed for milk, IMF, and Rib and Rumb traits.
  • Leonardo P145 presents with a well balanced set of performance data.
  • He is a bull that will standup well in harsh conditions.
  • Adding weight to our group of on-property stud sires, this young bull supports our breeding objectives;  to produce cows with high fat cover and high in milk that push through tough climatic conditions and get on with the job rearing a top calves while maintaining high fertility.


  • An absolute structural and phenotype standout of the 2017 January & June tours
  • Deep, wide-based, strong topped, big muscle are all words that describe 316
  • Inspection of yearlings showed that 316 stamps his progeny, attractive, thick, deep flanked
  • Dam and the dam line are again wide based, big volume powerful cows
  • No. 5 Angus registration sire


  • Moderate framed with extreme power, thickness and dimension
  • True power sire that still offers reasonable calving ease with outstanding performance and maternal value
  • Progeny proven, top 3% feed efficiency sire with excellent growth and top 4% genetics for reduced Feed Intake
  • Sires big ribbed, easy fleshing females and ranks in the top 15% for Maternal Profit through the commercially oriented Sire Alliance testing program
  • Sired both the $85,000 sale topper and $54,000 second highest selling bulls in the Millah Murrah Angus Sale in Australia
  • Inspections of UpRiver for the last 5 years still verify the power, growth and thickness and do-ability


  • Top selling bull of GDAR 2014 sale; Regulator impressed with his birth weight to performance spread
  • As a mature bull he expresses a super sound structure and magnificent phenotype
  • Bull is breeding a little more frame and a bit more early performance than his actual data suggests
  • Heaviest used bull at GDAR 2017 season and NZ high use sire
  • One of the star bulls found on the 2016 tour!


  • Moderate framed, thick topped curve bender with a stout, soft look and carcass appeal
  • Super calving ease to growth/weight spread with outstanding docility
  • Solid Sire Alliance maternal proof that also ranks in the top 20% for Feed Efficiency
  • Complementary mating to enhance calving ease, performance and beef value
  • No. 1 registration sire, with 191 herds, 4468 progeny analysed, 2199 scans, 1256 docility records


  • Arguably the most complete young bull to sell anywhere in the 2016 sale season
  • Impeccable ABS calving ease and maternal tabulation with COMPLEMENT, HOOVER DAM and STYLES
  • UPGRADE up close in his pedigree
  • As his mother’s first natural calf, COMMAND helped her to a rock’n good start with a 69lb BW and ratios of 113 WW & YW, 154 IMF and 107 REA
  • Awesome phenotype, tremendous body and thickness - he’s deep, thick, and square made
  • His first calf crop stands out from both a type and data perspective
  • Stands out in commercial herds and show winners at Royal Shows
  • First sons at Circle 8 sold to $31,000


  • The definition of multi-trait superiority ranking #1 on the Main Sire list for $Combination and #2 for $Beef
  • He’s no low accuracy wannabe having already achieved Rock Solid accuracy levels backed by over 1,000 progeny performance and genomic records
  • Progeny demand was on fire at the 2018 Sydenstricker Genetics Sale with 11 daughters averaging $23,000
  • High fertility sire with outstanding Docility
  • Unmatched USA EPD profile featuring elite Calving Ease, Feed Efficiency, Docility and Marbling genetics with 18 traits that rank in the top 25% of the breed
  • 2018/2019 Inspections: Very impressive sire with very good feet and legs, extremely docile. A bull with long body, good tail set, sheath 5, big depth of body. Versatile, great data.