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Based at Thorpdale in the lush valleys of Gippsland, Victoria, the stud grew from humble beginnings. Originally potato and dairy farmers since 1967, Anthony’s passion for cattle saw him move the business into an Angus commercial and seedstock enterprise with the purchase of the first stud cow in 2010.

The Absolute Angus stud emphasis is to provide top performing, well-bred functional cattle with natural doing ability and high fertility rates. The cattle suited to thrive in all types of climatic conditions and delivering excellent returns for commercial breeders.

To achieve this, Absolute Angus invested heavily in its foundation herd acquiring specially selected pedigree females with desirable traits from leading Angus studs including the 2010 Vermont Dispersal sale, and secured the top priced cow, Forres Wilcoola NFJ A18, sired by renowned Angus bull, Lochton Y003, with heifer calf at foot by Banquet Abode A005, at the 2011 Forres Angus Stud female dispersal.

Absolute Angus continued to quietly invest in the depth and performance of its Angus herd genetics with further purchases of selected leading females from Te Mania, Landfall, Kenny’s Creek, and Wattle Top studs.

In 2010 the addition of three Te Mania females included A934, an outstanding cow with her bull calves achieving quality progeny in commercial herds; and a further 19 Te Mania heifers, one being a full sister to renowned sire, Te Mania Emporer, were purchased in 2013.

To gain new knowledge and insights into the Angus breed, in 2015 Anthony travelled to the USA with David Plant, Landfall & Kenny’s Creek stud principals visiting AI centres and farms. By blending the best in US and Australian breeding principles, the knowledge gained from that trip allows Absolute Angus to produce a much more rounded animal that is suited to Australian conditions.

Other top performing females from Kennys Creek Angus stud were added to the Absolute Angus genetic pool in 2015 and 2016 with 18 stud heifers, including one heifer by leading sire, Conneally Mentor, and in 2017, five Wattle Top Angus stud females also made to trip to Thorpdale.

A blended program of using world class AI and leading Australian stud sires is an integral part of the Absolute Angus breeding plan.

Industry leading AI sires from both USA and Australia complement the investment in herd dams’ and include; Te Mania Emperor E343, LT Capitalist 316, Black Pearl, SAV Resource, Gdar Regulator 364, Baldridge Command C036, EF Complement 8088, Rennylea Edmond E11, Sydgen Enhance USA, and Thomas UpRiver 1614.

The truly standout sire joining the herd at Absolute Angus in 2019 is the outstanding, Landfall New Ground N90, a sire with unlimited potential. A son of the first-class USA sire, VAR Discovery 2240, and with dam bloodlines including Landfall Elsa L88, Matauri Reality 839 and TeMania Emporer E343, this bulls’ genetics are exceptional, ranking highly in the breed.

Stud sires used in the herd include Te Mania Blazon, Murdeduke Boomtime E183, Ardrossan Honour K341, Ardrossan Edmund K165, Landfall Trust J633, and Landfall Westward J164.

Angus Group Breedplan EBV’s are used extensively in the management of the Absolute Angus herd.

The commitment to the quality and depth of Angus stock on offer at Absolute Angus demonstrates Anthony’s passion for the breed allowing you to purchase with confidence.

Anthony is focused on assisting and supporting you and your commercial enterprise through individually tailored support and advice; and is more than happy to chat with you about your breeding objectives.

Anthony and his family look forward to welcoming you to their stud.