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Outstanding sons from one of Australia’s most popular sires on offer

February 9, 2023

Anthony Pisa’s deduction to breeding the very best from the very best will once again be on show this year.

The Absolute Angus principal will have an impressive line-up of bulls on offer at his autumn sale on Wednesday 29 March.

And he’s already talking excitedly about the yearlings to be offered later this year in the spring.

But first things first, and in his upcoming sale on-property at Thorpdale (Trafalgar South), West Gippsland, there will be “standout sons” of sires including Landfall New Ground N90, Landfall Leonardo P145, Landfall Prominent P317 and Te Mania Prime P586.

“Te Mania Prime is an excellent bull for IMF (Intramuscular Fat), far? and for birth,” Mr Pisa said.

“He’s very thick and phenotypically the best you can get – his progeny stands out and looks very much like their sire.

“These will be the first sons of his we have offered.”

The $75,000 Landfall New Ground N90 also has some “outstanding” sons in the sale, proving why he was the top selling bull for ABS Genetics in the spring of 2022.

“He has produced excellent progeny with data to match – phenotypically, structurally and feet wise, his sons all have it, plus his data is amazing,” Mr Pisa said.

The sons of another Landfall bull in Leonardo P145 have also caught the attention of Mr Pisa, with their tremendous thickness and length.

“You can put him over anything…he is a sire that I am sure will grow to prominence in the breed.”

“And then there is Landfall Prominent P317 – another outstanding bull with good data – they are hard to find like him – the low birthweight and high fat.

“He’s in the top 1 per cent of the breed for growth, docility and carcase, definitely a bull that stands up to top sires.

“People are looking for growth, they want to turn vealers off quicker at six to seven months – he just produces calves that have everything you would require as a commercial producer.”

Last autumn, Absolute offered 52 bulls, selling 50 at auction to a top of $22,000 twice and averaging $9980.

This year’s autumn sale, the third for Absolute, will be integrated with AuctionsPlus and kick off on-property at 1pm, with inspections from 11am.

There will be 70 bulls catalogued for sale in March, giving bidders extra opportunities to secure the right sire for their breeding operation.

Clients new and old are welcome to check out the bulls on Saturday 18 March, when Absolute Angus will be open for inspections.

“We look forward showcasing some of the genetics we have to offer,” Mr Pisa said.

“The focus remains on low birth, high growth, high EMA and IMF and positive fats – I think those are the key things for commercial breeders.”

Looking further ahead the excitement is growing at Absolute for the spring sale, where the first sons of two new Milwillah sires the stud purchased outright will be offered.

“Milwillah Rimfire is an outstanding bull with calving ease like I have never seen before – I calved down 70 heifers without a hitch,” Mr Pisa said.

“And Milwillah Shadow is a very structurally sound and phenotypically good bull, with fantastic growth and a data set that is very good.”

Join the Absolute Angus team at the annual auction from 11am on Wednesday 29 March with the auction live at the Trafalgar South property and online through AuctionsPlus.


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