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Absolute Angus top-genetics sell well

April 2, 2023

ABSOLUTE Angus, Trafalgar South, met with success with its Landfall bloodlines, with the two top-selling bulls at its autumn auction coming from Tasmanian genetics.

Absolute bought Landfall New Ground 90 from the Launceston, Tasmania, stud for $75,000 in 2019, as part of a syndicate and in partnership with ABS Australia.

The two top priced bulls, bought by Shaun Beasley, Emu Park, Lindenow South, for $16,000 apiece, were both by Landfall New Ground.

Stud principal Anthony Pisa said New Ground and Te Mania Prime bloodline bulls sold well.

“It was a bit disappointing, because all the bulls were of high calibre, but obviously there were not enough buyers,” Mr Pisa said.

“What sold, sold well.”

He said there had been a lot of bulls sold recently but he had “lot of inquiries” before the auction.

“The weather probably didn’t do us the world of good so it was a challenging sale,” he said.

The drier conditions and lack of confidence was also affecting sales.

“It will be interesting to see, moving forward, how the market progresses,” Mr Pisa said.

In 2019, the purchase of New Ground 90 set a new record for the highest-priced bull sold at auction in Tasmania.

Mr Pisa said a lot of buyers were interested in the New Ground genetics.

Landfall has since broken that record.

“The top-priced bulls were by New Ground but we are still focusing on fertility, growth, intramuscular fat (IMF), eye muscle area (EMA), docility and longevity,” he said.

Lot 1, Absolute Newground S103SV, an October 2021 drop bull, was sired by TFAN90 Landfall New Ground N90PV, out of HRWN318 Absolute N318#.

He had TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation figures of a +2.6 kilogram birthweight, a +52kg 200-day weight, +98kg 400-day weight and +129kg 600 day weight.

On sale day, Newground weighed 700kg.

The bull had an EMA of 13.3 square centimetres, a rib measurement of +2.3 millimetres and P8 figures of +0.8mm.

His retail beef yield (RBY) was +0.9 per cent and his IMF measurement was +2.2pc.

Lot 3, Absolute Newground S99SV, an October 2021-drop bull, was also by TFAN90 Landfall New Ground N90PV out of HRWN259 Absolute N259#.

The bull’s TACE figures were a birthweight of +4.3kg, a 200-day weight of +57kg, 400-day weight of +107kg and a 600-day weight of +134kg.

He weighed 690kg on sale day.

S99PV’s eye muscle area measured +11.4sq cm, his rib was +1.8mm and P8 was +1.2.

The bull had an IMF measurement of +2.8pc and an RBY of +0.4.

Mr Pisa said the carcase and maternal figures for the top-priced bulls were very strong.

Elders Bairnsdale stud stock agent Ryan Bajada said the bulls presented very well, with a depth of pedigree.

“It’s a growing brand, Absolute, we offered about 20 more bulls than we did last year, so that tested the market,” he said.

“There was a lot of opportunity, guys could step in and buy bulls for between $6000-8000 pretty comfortably and still get value for money.”

Bulls were sold to some leading commercial operators.

‘There was some very good competition from Gippsland, with some repeat buyers and new guys – I think they were attracted by the pedigrees,” Mr Bajada said.

Buyers on Auctions Plus picked up seven bulls.

Most of the bulls went locally, including to properties at Drouin, Berrys Creek, Tanjil South and Hazelwood.

Bellaspur Angus, Balmattum, picked up lot 9, Absolute Newground S116 for $12,000.

Story courtesy of Andrew Miller, Stock & Land

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